As a nutritionist the questions I’m most often asked by my clients is “what should I be eating? Is there one diet that is best for everyone? ”.

The easy answer to this question is a big strong no. The reasons why there isn’t one diet to rule them all is simple – we are all very different.

The pace of our daily lives varies greatly from person to person. The way our bodies function is different to the next. Our quality of health and wellness may also be different. The food we require will change depending on the season, the day and the stage of life we are in.

So what is good nutrition?

The longer answer to this question is that there is an ideal way of eating – especially when you approach food from a holistic view point and work with a nutritionist. My approach with all my clients is to get everyone eating a wholefood diet.

This means that the food you eat should be as close to nature as possible. So, ditch the processed foods and convenience junk food. Instead, opt for more natural items like fresh fruit and vegetables, moderate amounts of meat and poultry, healthy nuts, seeds, legumes and wholegrains.

Eat more natural items like fresh fruit and vegetables.

If you spend much time on social media you’d easily be mistaken for thinking that we should all be paleo, or vegan, or not eat dairy, or only eat dairy, or be tricked into thinking that gluten is evil. With so many diet fads out you’re bound to get a bit confused. If you play around with some of these diets you may well feel a whole lot healthier, but not everyone will.

As a nutritionist I work to restore balance to the body through healthy eating and good nutrition. Sometimes I will remove certain foods from individual diets, but I would never say there is only one way to eat for every client I see.

The secret to a healthy diet is to listen to your own body and feed it what it needs.


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