How to accomplish your goal or New Year’s resolution to lose weight


I’ve been working as a naturopath for over 10 years now. Around the first 2 weeks of January, everyone is busy making New Year’s resolutions or goals about their health. The most common one is ‘I want to lose weight’. But come February, most people have forgotten their new body plans for the year and fallen back into bad habits. These habits include drinking a few too many glasses of wine, eating cheese and crackers, having dessert every night or ordering takeout. Approximately 80% of people have failed on their new year’s resolutions by February.

So what do the other 20% of people do that makes a difference and ensures that they stay on track with their big plans for the year?

In my opinion, they do the following 4 things:

  1. They are really clear about what they want to achieve
  2. They know why they want to achieve it
  3. They learn to say no
  4. They ask for help

So, how do you implement these for your own success?

1.   Get clear on what you want to achieve.

Take time out to write out your goals. Get a piece of paper and write down the number 1 thing that you want to achieve this year with your health. Be as specific as possible. Just saying ‘I want to lose weight’, isn’t enough. How much weight do you want to lose? Or what size dress/pants do you want to fit into? Set a deadline: do you want to achieve this goal by the 1st March or the 31st December? The more specific you are about exactly what you want to achieve, the more likely you are to achieve it. Setting time frames is also really important because you have a clear direction and deadline to head towards.

2.   Why do you want to achieve your goal?

This is where your motivation comes from.

Why do you want to lose weight? Be as specific as possible and continue to dig until you have gotten to the bottom of why it is so important to you to lose weight.

It’s important to dig for this ‘why’, because this is what motivates you to keep going when things get tough or difficult. The why is the driving force behind why people succeed. If the ‘why’ is big enough people will do anything to achieve their goals.

What is your why for your new year’s resolution?

3.      Learn to say no.

When you are trying to lose weight you will be faced with an endless barrage of people, situations and environments that will send you off track. So how do the 20% of people stay on track to achieve their goals past February? They learn to say no.

When their friends say, ‘C’mon its one piece of chocolate ….it won’t hurt’, they say ‘no’.

When their partner offers them a glass of wine, they say ‘no’.

When their mother offers them a second serving of dinner, they say ‘no’.

When their office colleague bakes homemade brownies for a birthday, they say ‘no’.

When their friend says, ‘Stay out partying with me til late’, they say no because they have a session with their PT in the morning.

The list is endless…….Friends, family, work colleagues, partners will all offer things you will have to say no to. I’m not saying it’s easy to say no – it’s not. At first it’s hard, but the more you do it, the more liberated you feel and then the results start coming and you end up being spurred on by that too.

The 20% of people that achieve success in their new year’s resolutions past February are good at saying no.

4.   Ask for help.

Successful people in any area, including health, fitness and fat loss, know how to ask for help. They are curious, ask questions and continue to be committed to achieving their goals. They realise that they don’t always have all the answers and know to ask for help. Help might be in the form of a partner, friend, GP, naturopath, nutritionist, someone who has achieved what they are looking to achieve or a Personal Trainer. It could be an accountability partner, a training buddy, a meal plan or a complete 6 week Fat Loss Program that helps them with their goals.

So, in order for you to be successful in your New Year’s Resolutions this year, these are the 4 things that you can do.

Be clear on what you want your goals to be and why you want to achieve them. Learn to say no and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

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