Osteopathy Awareness Week 2019

Give an Osteo a go!

It’s Osteopathy Awareness Week April 14th to 19th, so we are getting out the good word about our profession and what it can offer people. Read on, especially if you or someone you know suffers from pain or injury.

Who are we? Australian Osteopaths are University trained, government regulated health care professionals, using gentle hands-on techniques to treat a wide range of body issues from tendonitis to sciatica, vertigo, headaches, back pain and a whole lot more. We are allied health care professionals with access to Medicare rebates, X-ray referral rights and the ability to provide a sickness certificate for work.

Why Osteopathy Awareness? The Osteopathic profession is much smaller and less visible than Physio or Chiro, so we have to shout about Osteopathy and its advantages. Most people find their way to an Osteopath on the back of a word of mouth recommendation from a friend or family member. But we want Australians to give Osteo a go first, not wait until they come across it by luck.

What makes us different? Apart from being highly trained in assessing and treating the body and its issues, Osteopaths are skilled in listening for the psychological and social aspects of health and illness – an approach that is increasingly being supported by scientific evidence, especially for persistent or recurring issues. What this means is that Osteopaths are especially skilled in helping people with difficult issues that keep coming back. Come and check us out if this is you or someone you love. You’ll find a different, refreshing approach.

How can you make an appointment? You can book in and see an Osteopath without a referral from a doctor. Most private health funds will rebate some part of the cost for seeing an Osteopath and Medicare rebates are available for Osteo for people with a chronic condition or complex care needs. All you have to do is call the clinic and make an appointment to see one of our experienced Osteos. Don’t worry, we also offer the option of making an appointment online for the millennials or tech heads out there!

Injuries are common, and pain is all too present in life, but what I say to my patients is that you don’t have to suffer with it. Around 75,000 Aussies visit an osteopath every week. Be one of them. Come in and give an Osteo a go!

Make an appointment today to see one of our Osteopaths and discuss how we can create an individualised plan to get you back to optimum health.

Sound like your pain?

Book an appointment or contact us today!

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