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How Does The Corporate Partners Program Work?

How Does The Corporate Partners Program Work

Sydney Health Professionals is a multidisciplinary allied health clinic in Ultimo/Broadway. We have experienced osteopaths, massage therapists, naturopaths and acupuncturists. The clinic takes appointments six days per week, including before and after work hours.

We deal with both acute and chronic pain and offer treatments designed to have immediate effect. We regularly manage workplace injuries and office-related pain, as well as overuse injuries. Our Corporate Partners Program is designed to give local employers and workers priority access to our service.

The program offers your employees, staff or contractors a corporate rate for assessment, diagnosis and any treatment needed. This corporate rate represents a discount on market rates and is in addition to any rebate they might receive from their private health insurance. In return, we ask for promotion as the health care clinic of choice for your staff. To discuss this program for your staff or office, get in touch with us by calling 1300 067 836 – ask to speak to Eddie, or email  [email protected]

What does this program offer you?

Our Corporate Partner Program offers a way for your organisation to protect one of its biggest assets – its workforce. Research indicates early intervention for common workplace injuries is essential to avoid ongoing or persistent pain for the worker. This program is designed to give your organisation a trusted point of referral for workplace injuries and illnesses. We are experienced in working effectively with all parties for successful and timely outcomes.

The program is modeled on the employee assistance programs commonly seen for workforce psychological care. Our clinic offers acute, sub-acute and chronic musculoskeletal care as well as health promotion services such as Mindfulness training and fitness sessions.

This program can help your organisation boost morale, help reduce absenteeism due to injury and, most importantly, improve the productivity that could better your company’s bottom line. It may also help to protect you against future workers compensation claims and the associated increased insurance premium rises

Our Partners and Affiliated Services

We have chosen to partner with other high-quality health services in the area to offer your organisation the full suite of organisational health care. We have selected mindfulness training, yoga and corporate fitness for their expanding research base in promoting workplace and individual health and their popularity amongst office workers. Our partners have been individually selected for their professionals approach and experience saving you the hassle for researching and vetting other providers.


Mindfulness has been shown to have benefits in a range of populations and is an excellent form of stress management for people in an office setting. Sessions can be arranged on a per-needs or ongoing basis.


Yoga has benefits for injury prevention and productivity. Sessions can be arranged on a per-needs or ongoing basis. You need to have available space and suitable facilities for the class in your office. Alternatively we can arrange for a local space rental at extra cost.

Corporate Fitness

We work with a local experienced fitness company who can provide 45 minute to one hour fitness sessions for a range of fitness levels. Sessions take place in a local well-equipped fitness centre and can be arranged on a-per-needs or ongoing basis.

Health Promotion Talks

We offer sessions for your workplace on topics ranging from ergonomics and office injury risk reduction, through to productivity tips as well as more general health promotion topics like healthy eating, the benefits of exercise and work/life balance. Book a talk

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