Eliza Cowan

Remedial Masseuse

Eliza Cowan is passionate about her craft and for one very simple reason; she believes that people with health issues deserve the best professional care and assistance. She has also studied and personally experienced the healing benefits of an holistic approach to health care.

Since qualifying as a Remedial Massage Therapist in 2008, Eliza continues to successfully practice deep tissue and Trigger point Therapeutic techniques, to enhance the wellbeing of her clients. 

Eliza has a clinical focus on alleviating muscle pain associated with stress, injury, postural issues, chronic pain and lymphatic congestion.

Eliza has had a special interest in muscular dysfunction that can arise during the physical development of children/young adults, pre/during and post-pregnancy cases also for clients in their advanced years. 

Eliza has seen how holistic health science improves the therapeutic relationship a patient can have with their health care professional, as well as the therapeutical process in general.

Eliza can provide support for muscular strength and flexibility for clients’ in the areas of dancing, sport and exercise.