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Injuries from Car Accidents

Claiming treatment under the C.T.P. insurance system

Injuries sustained in car accidents are complex and often painful. At SHP we see and help patients with injuries sustained in car accidents on a regular basis. These injuries can range from anything serious - spinal and pelvic fractures to whiplash, rib and trunk injuries - to compression and contact injuries from hitting the car or other things in the accident. Fractures are often quite serious and initially require hospitalisation. For many victims of car accidents, pain and problems continue long after they are discharged from hospital. This is where Osteopathy, massage, exercise prescription and our experienced therapists come in.

Other less obvious injuries from car accidents are notorious for being missed initially and can increase in pain and symptoms over the following weeks after a car accident. These can often be whiplash, rib or sternal injuries. This can cause the sufferer serious distress and confusion. If you have been injured in a car accident and are struggling with pain and other symptoms, then we implore you to seek out a professional who can help. All our therapists at SHP can help figure these health puzzles out.

It is vitally important you have a competent therapist that you trust to help you recover from complex and painful injures. At SHP our therapists offer professional treatment and management for people injured in car accidents – both as a pedestrian or injured in the actual car accident.

Injured in a Car Accident and Not Your Fault?

Navigating the Compulsory Third Party Insurance system (CTP claims) to get your treatment covered.

The Compulsory Third Party Insurance system protects the victims of car accidents from financial loss and treatment costs in an accident where they were not at fault. Once you have activated a claim with the insurer of the driver at fault, we can bill them directly for all your treatment costs and they will even pay for other associated costs like loss of income and psychological suffering associated with the trauma.

But there are a few key steps after the accident to make sure you are fully covered for any pain.

  • Step 1. Get the licence details of the driver at fault. If you are hospitalised there will be a report from the police which will have the details. Every registered car on the road has to have third party insurance to cover potential accidents where others are injured.
  • Step 2. Record the full extent of the injuries. Take photos of bruises and cuts and videos of problems walking or other issues with living - think dressing, cleaning etc. This will help any future legal argument about the extent of your injuries.
  • Step 3. Book in with your GP. The GP’s notes and reporting will also help validate any injuries. Do this as soon as you are able. They will help you initiate the claims process by creating the initial injury report for the insurer. Tell your GP who you would like to see for treatment of your injuries. They can make suggestions, but it is your right to choose.
  • Step 4. Get your claim number. Once the insurer receives the report from the GP you will be allocated a claims number. This is what the insurer will use to process all the aspects of your claim.
  • Step 5. Book in at SHP to see our Osteos! Your pathway back to full health after injury starts with us.
Injuries from Car AccidentsInjuries from Car Accidents

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