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Pain in Pregnancy Treatment

Each woman’s body responds differently to the changes of pregnancy. Many women develop musculoskeletal symptoms including back ache, pelvic pain, rib discomfort, swelling in the legs, neck pain, headaches and tingling in the hands.

Pain in Pregnancy Causes

Many of the strains and pains of pregnancy are due to changing posture. There is more weight at the front, which can cause strain through the back and neck. The hormone relaxin can lead to ligamentous stain and fluid retention can cause swelling. If ribs do not move sufficiently there can be discomfort at the ribs as the baby grows

Pain in Pregnancy Risk Factors

All pregnant women are susceptible to aches and pains. The risk of experiencing this pain can increase if women exercise beyond their new limitations or over-stretch. Good ergonomic posture is important at work, home and when lifting to reduce strain.

Pain in Pregnancy and Osteopathy

Osteopaths can help the body cope with the extra strains put on the body during pregnancy. They can reduce muscle spasm, improve movement and help with lymphatic drainage. Aches and pains can often be relieved with gentle treatment.

Pain in Pregnancy Treatment

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Fix My Pregnancy Pain with Osteopathy