Headache treatment

Headaches are one of the most common causes of pain and discomfort, with most people having a headache at some time in their lives.

Headaches are a complicated issue. Rather than a singular condition, there are over 100 different categories of headaches. The most common ones are tension headache, migraine, mixed headache, sinus headache and cervico-genic headache.

Headche symptoms

Obviously, the cardinal symptom with headache is head pain. One experiencing a headache can explain the ache to be located anywhere on the head, one sided, both sided or central. There are significant variances in the severity of pain that comes from different headaches. For example, tension headaches are usually mild, whilst migraines are classically a very intense head pain.

Headache causes

The causes of headaches are varied and complex. They range from muscle tension and neck issues, right through to complex interactions of neurology, hormones and fatigue.

Headache risk factors

There are numerous risk factors including genetics, other illnesses, injuries and dietary sensitivities.

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How our practitioners help


  • Relieve pain and headache
  • Improve muscular coordination for prevention of future episodes
  • Reduce stiffness and contributing factors from the neck, shoulder and spine


  • Soften tight, tense and painful muscles
  • Relieve pain and headache
  • Manage ongoing stress in your neck and back

Living with headaches or migraines?

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