Neck pain treatment

Neck Pain is an exceptionally common issue suffered by people across all ages.

Patients from all backgrounds present at our clinic with various degrees of neck pain, from a mild inconvenience all the way to a serious medical issue. As a category of pain, it seems to be increasingly common due to an increase in sedentary lifestyles and screen usage.

Neck pain symptoms

Pain anywhere from the base of your skull, all the way to the points of your shoulders can constitute neck pain. We are thorough in the clinic to identify other symptoms that may present with neck pain, like stiffness, restriction of movements, headaches, radiating symptoms down the arms, weakness, numbness or other neurological issues like vertigo.

Neck pain causes

There is a multitude of causes of neck pain. Pain can come from any structure within the neck and can also be referred to the neck from other issues. We can also differentiate neck pain based on whether it was traumatic in origin, i.e. it has come from an incident, or it has come about insidiously. Traumatic neck issues must be carefully evaluated to rule out the possibility of fracture or serious injury. Whiplash is an example of a common traumatic neck injury. Some people also suffer acute injuries to their neck doing mundane things like the washing, cleaning overhead, or even rolling over in bed! If the pain has come on insidiously (slowly over time) it can often be linked to your work posture, repetitive actions or other slowly compounding issues.

Neck pain risk factors

Long periods of sitting or working in difficult postures can increase risk of neck pain, as can previous injury or trauma, even if it was suffered years ago. It is possible that some postures might also have an increased likelihood of neck pain.

How our practitioners help


  • Relieve stiffness from any disc issues
  • Improve muscular coordination for prevention of future episodes
  • Reduce pain in your neck


  • Soften tight, tense and painful muscles
  • Reduce pain
  • Manage ongoing stress in your neck
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