Hip pain treatment

Osteopathy can help with hip stiffness and pain.  

Hip pain symptoms

Depending on the cause of the issue, hip pain is commonly felt around the side of the hips but can exist over the buttocks or into the groin too. It is often quite a dull and aching pain, but if someone prods around over the hip they can usually find exquisitely painful areas to press. The pain can refer into the groin or down into the side of the leg as far as the knee and sometimes beyond. Occasionally people will have sharper pangs of pain, particularly around the groin.  One of the most common things people experience is discomfort sleeping and an ache in the hip or stiffness upon rising.

Hip pain causes

There are many causes for hip pain – gluteal muscle issues, bursitis, hip joint problems and more. Hip tendonitis is an overuse injury to the tendons of the hip that are active when we walk, stand and transfer weight from one leg to another. Hip joints can develop problems like labral tears (a tear in the cartilage around the joint), femero-acetabular impingement, arthritis and more. Gradual wear and tear can lead to these issues, as can acute injuries. Often the problem is precipitated by a big spike in exercise such as a particularly long run or walk or a holiday with a lot of walking.

Hip pain risk factors

Tendon and muscle issues can be more common in women, especially around menopause, as oestrogen seems to have a protective effect on tendons. Arthritis and joint damage tends to affect older people. Some biomechanical factors may cause an increased risk, such as differences in the length of the patient’s legs.

How our practitioners help


  • Relieve pain from irritated tendons and bursa.
  • Relieve stiffness from tight and restricted hip joints
  • Improve muscular function around the hip for better strength and stability
  • Reduce inflammation


  • Soften tight tense muscles in your hip, hamstring, groin and back
  • Manage ongoing tensions and muscle stress
  • Relieve pain
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