Prokinetics Orthotics

What is it?

Prokinetic inner soles are the latest in postural alignment technology. The inner soles work on aligning the foot biomechanics therefore improving body function and performance. They look like a simple inner sole, however the Prokinetic inner soles have 3 key features – the soft arch support and the prokinetic kinetic wedge (three sizes), which support foot function and postural proprioception.

An assessment and measurement can be done by a prokinetic inner sole practitioner and can be fitted in everything from your everyday footwear, school shoes all the way through to the athletic sneaker.

They are lightweight and very affordable.

Who can benefit from these Prokinetic inner soles?

Anyone can benefit from the prokinetic inner sole providing correct assessment from your practitioner. This can range from kids, athletes, tradesperson and seniors.

How does Prokinetics work?

The prokinetic inner soles work by changing/stimulating the senses of your feet, sending signals to your brain. They stimulate the neuromuscular system to restore the persons own proprioceptive feedback mechanism between the brain and your feet.

For instance, if you are suffering pain in your lower back from an injury or work stress the prokinetic inner soles can help. They passively work with the arch of the foot and the 1st toe to help postural alignment take place. In time this re-establishes the correct postural alignment and gradually the patient will not require wearing the inner soles on a full time basis.

How long do I have to wear them?

To achieve the desired benefit that the prokinetic inner soles must be worn for 80% of the time for up to 2 years.

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Health Insurance Rebates

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