Sports injury treatment

With osteopathy you will get stronger and fitter than before, diminishing your chances of re-injury and overcoming ongoing niggles, aches and pains.

Sports injuries are a big part of what we deal with on a daily basis at SHP. We see injuries in all walks of life – from junior soccer and netballers to seniors hiking and biking injuries. Sports injuries are varied in their presentation, and depend heavily upon the sport being participated in. You can broadly classify a sports injury into acute – meaning it has happened on the sports field, usually as a result of a trauma, (a sprained ankle is a good example of this), and over-use injuries – meaning the injury has developed gradually over time. We see a lot of acute injuries in contact sports like soccer, netball, rugby league and rugby union. Over-use injuries are more common in endurance sports like running, triathlon and cycling. There is much crossover between these two categories.


Symptoms will vary widely depending on the region of the body, the joint or the muscle involved. Acute injuries are often very painful and result in immediate difficulty in moving. This is especially the case in joint injuries. Stiffness is very common, especially after the initial few days. Over-use injuries can begin with post-match or event stiffness and progress to pain as the injury develops over time.


Most acute sports injuries are caused by traumatic events on the field, either collision type events or falls that place joints or muscles into an overstretched position. The causes of overuse injuries are complex and can relate to things like weakness, poor coordination, fatigue, overtraining, poor technique, all of which our Osteos at SHP will consider when planning your recovery.

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What to expect from your Osteopath

Osteopathy is a great choice for the first point of contact after an Injury. We can accurately diagnose the issue and help you understand the causes. We offer hands-on gentle therapies such as massage, stretch, joint mobilisation and manipulation. We will find you appropriate return to play strategies and rehabilitative exercises.

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