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Lower Back Pain Treatment

Lower back pain is the probably the most common cause of disability worldwide, and responsible for an astonishing number of consultations to the doctor and hospital emergency room every year. It is also one of the most common causes of absence from work, consequently having a real cost to an individual, the economy and to society at large. 

Lower Back Pain Symptoms

Pain experienced anywhere across the back and lower back, that is from the top of the shoulder blades right through to the top of the legs, can be considered back pain. It can be central, on the side, on both sides, or any combination of these. Like neck pain, the severity can vary from mild inconvenience, all the way through to disabling intense pain. Acute back pain is not an uncommon reason for people to present to the emergency room or for an ambulance call.

Lower Back Pain Causes

There are a multitude of causes of back pain. It can come from any structure within the back, and can also be referred to the back from other issues. As with neck pain, we can also differentiate back pain based on whether it was traumatic in origin or if it has come about slowly over time. Many acute back injuries come about through lifting injuries, from heavy items like weights in the gym or building site, as well as light weight items like cleaning up clothes and children’s toys. Some of our patients have even put their back out by picking up a piece of paper. These injuries probably represent cumulative processes which wear down the resources of the back over time. Insidious injuries are similar, where a repeated activity or posture, slowly causes strain on the back over time.

Lower Back Pain Risk Factors

There are a multitude of risk factors for back pain. Some of the most common are repetitive actions or tasks, long sedentary positions like sitting, and a lack of exercise. Back pain is more common as you age. It is also more common in smokers. Previous injuries to the back can also increase the chance of having back pain in the future.

Lower Back Pain and Osteopathy

An Osteopath is an excellent choice to seek out for professional care for back pain. If you are worried or suffering with your back, an Osteopath will walk you through a professional diagnosis, discuss any evident risk factors, provide some therapy for real symptom relief and then discus remedial exercises, stretches and harm minimisation strategies.

Back Pain Treatment

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