Workplace wellness to help pain, injuries and stress

corporate wellness

 At Sydney Health Professionals we offer a range of services for your business — everything from acute pain relief to mindfulness training, helping both your employees and your bottom line.

Who will benefit from your new Corporate Partners Program?

We have designed this corporate wellness program with a full range of small, medium and large employers in mind. We can help directly with managing staff pain and injuries, as well as providing expert treatment for workers compensation cases. We can also help workforces interested in influencing staff productivity and promoting health values to their staff. We work with experts in corporate fitness, yoga and mindfulness meditation training — all shown to be of great benefit in stress management, team building and improving mental and physical acuity. We can also arrange ergonomic assessments and health promotion talks on the benefits of healthy eating and exercising for a workforce.

What sort of workplaces need corporate wellness?

All workplaces need our services. You might not need them every day, but when you have an injured worker or someone who is missing days because of an ongoing pain problem you will need us. As the HR contact, you have an opportunity to help them get effective treatment, fast.

You’ve been going into workplaces a long time, what are the typical issues?

The types of problems common in an office or a warehouse environment will differ. Sedentary workplaces suffer much more commonly from neck and shoulder issues to do with ergonomic and postural pressures. Where there are active workers, we will deal with more injury-type problems like an acute back strain. A lot of workers battle with ongoing tendon issues like tennis elbow, achilles tendonitis or plantar fasciitis and we can help with all of those. Offering exceptional service to those people often involves giving fast and effective treatment and also working with them to reduce the strain in their job until they have completed a strengthening rehabilitation program.

When do you offer these programs?

We offer before work and after work appointments, as well as lunch time appointments and a priority booking system to get workers in when they need treatment, as time is of the essence in dealing with injuries or pain at work.

How long before the benefits are apparent?

We provide therapies that offer immediate pain relief, and rehabilitation programs that should lead to fast improvements in abilities at work. However, if your organisation wants to look at corporate fitness, mindfulness meditation training and yoga, the benefits will be seen over 4-6 months as your employees and staff see improved fitness, reduced stress and a better team culture.

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