Disc Herniations

Disc herniations – a very common and painful injury we see a lot in the clinic.

What does it mean and how can your Osteopath help you?

Disc herniations are an injury that affects the intervertebral discs in your back or neck. The known risk factors for disc injuries include fatigue, weight gain, smoking, repetitive injury, and sedentary activities. Disc injuries are also most common in middle age.

A herniated disc often comes on after a string of smaller back sprains and injuries. It can also come after growing stiffness in the back, especially first thing in the morning and be incredibly painful at first.

At Sydney Health Professionals, our experienced Osteopaths commonly see people with acute disc herniations.

Osteopathic treatment can help with pain and increasing movement

We will walk you through a full assessment to accurately diagnose your disc injury, often working with massage once the acute stage has eased, to help promote a full recovery.

Make an appointment today to see an Osteopath and discuss how we can help get you back to optimum health.

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